Saturday, May 19, 2012

Syllabus Shock 101

College is something that some people only dream about. 
Something that some spoiled kids dread.
Something that is a privilege to attend.
Something that teaches you independence if you go near or far.
Something that makes you work hard.
Something that helps you find out who you are.

I am simply another college student, going through life and figuring out what it is that I want to accomplish and do. I went through my first year of college wide eyed and scared as I was home schooled all the way from kindergarten through grade twelve. I proudly graduated with my high school diploma just like every other kid.

Needless to say my first few days at college that was over an eight hour drive away from home were petrifying! Laying eyes on a syllabus for the first time in my life was one of the worst nightmares I can remember living through. Here are some tips on how to cope with syllabus shock for all you first years.

1. Lay out all your syllabuses
~ Breath Calmly ~
2. Open your day planner 
~ Breath Calmly ~
3. Have a pen and highlighters at hand
~ Breath Calmly ~
4. Go day by day and write down what assignments are due for what class for the whole semester
~ Breath Calmly and take a five minute break, running around the dorm screaming is always an option ~
5. Color code the assignments
( I did reading assignments green, while exams or final papers where purple and writings assignments were yellow. Color coding helps you in the long run as you just need to glance at your day planner and can see how many 'big' and 'small' things you have that month. )
6. Write down your color code on a easy to see piece of paper until you memorize your code.

I know this worked really well for me throughout my first year of college. My room mate even decided to try it out. I hope that this will help you through your first days at college. I totally will post pictures this September when I get to go through those lovely throws of the start of college yet again.

 Till then, live the simple life!